LIVE with Kori Replay


Its another wonderful week, and I am in the thick of a cold front in Idaho! I am visiting my Mom, and decided to broadcast from her house! She has a digital piano from Kawai, which is a really nice instrument! I’ve been playing it daily since I arrived here.

Broadcasting live is always an interesting thing. I usually have my daughter moderating the chat, but she has had to work these last two weeks. I may need to find someone that would be willing to do that! If you are interested - click this link: Contact Me and let me know if you would like to help!

Here is Thursday’s LIVE with Kori Replay!

Hello October!

Hello October!! Great to see you again!! #october #socal #fall

It’s that time of year where the temperatures drop, and the leaves change. I always miss it. I know California has Fall in the mountains. If I went there, good luck and getting me back to Orange County! LOL

I hope you are happy and well. In spite of a lot of growth and change AGAIN! lol - a transition of children being all grown up and able to make decisions on their own. It’s difficult letting go.

Today is LIVE with KORI in my studio lounge. Here is the replay! Enjoy! - Email me or text me anytime!